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Send in the clones: Ultramarines

“Ultramarines: a Warhammer 40,000 movie” © Games Workshop Ltd. Shots courtesy of Pop6. No ownership claimed or implied.

few Amonths after my catastrophic triple pylon fracture courtesy of Montreal ice storms, I was hobbling about on the cane and working with Michael Carter and Pop6 on a plan for producing a bunch of Ultramarines for a Warhammer flick. They happen to be clones, so the mission was to test the feasibility of using an early character generation tool to produce dozens of variations from a base mesh. A year later I was on the floor lighting and doing a small amount of modelling. The result is what one should expect from a feature produced on a game cinematic budget. We managed to get in some pretty artsy shots (courtesy of director Martyn Pick) considering there’s only so much you can do with authoritarian space monks. The best of my shots are included here for all you Warhammer completists. This was the first animated feature from the franchise, and not the last!